Instant PickleCourt Magic - Wherever, Whenever

Experience the ultimate pickleball flexibility with options for temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent setups. Can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
Pickleball is the fastest growing racquet-sport in North America and is currently taking Europe by storm. All a PickleCourt requires is a flat and level surface to establish a safe and high-performance court within minutes. The RSI SPORTS PickleCourt doesn’t require any preparations onsite or any installation equipment.
Why PickleCourt?

PickleCourt, the revolutionary pickleball court that offers an unparalleled mobile solution, doesn’t compromise on the surface safety and performance and doesn’t affect the environment or neighbours. Whether you require a temporary setup, semi-permanent court, or a permanent installation, PickleCourt has got you covered.

PickleCourt options include a full roll-out court or a set of large tiles that, once combined, deliver a court. A foam layer at the bottom of the carpet allows you to transform any flat, hard surface into a top-notch, long-lasting pickleball court. Installing the court doesn’t require engineering, permits or official approval. An installed PickleCourt doesn’t produce noise pollution or any environmental impact.

For Sports, Leisure and Educational Facilities

The PickleCourt delivers a professional-grade surface, compatible with artificial turf tennis or paddle courts. The easy to roll-out or put together floor incorporates a foam-layer to deliver safety, comfort and performance. It's easy installation and low-entry alternative for tennis or paddle, have contributed to it taking the world by storm.

For Homes & Housing Estates

Its ease of installing or storing hands any property owner with a drive or parking lot or public square (nearby) an affordable, low-entry and flexible solution to entertain the household, residents, or even the entire neighbourhood. A few strips of double-sided tape is all it takes to hold it down. Within minutes, you will be playing pickleball.

For Hospitality and Commercial Real Estate

A low-profile solution to deliver a high-impact experience to tenants, shoppers and customers. Playing or watching a game of pickleball is fun and will attract an increase in footfall. A PickleCourt consists only of a carpet and a mobile net, hence it will never block or obstruct escape routes, emergency areas or views.


"Padel Social Club were delighted to bring the first 4 Instant Padel courts to the UK with two each at Babington House and Gleneagles respectively. They’ve been thoroughly enjoyed by us, all members and hotel guests, and have been a great solution to bring Padel to the respective properties quickly and with reduced groundworks costs. We also look forward to using Instant Padel courts for some exciting London pop up Padel activations in the near future."

How our clients are using PickleCourt

Our versatile options include a full roll-out court or custom-sized court square. This has allowed our clients to transform any flat, hard surface into a remarkable, long-lasting pickleball court.

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Installation of PickleCourt

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PickleCourt offers you a flexible, semi-permanent and little-demanding alternative to tennis or paddle courts at very little cost. It doesn’t require designs, assessments or permits, nor does it depend on engineering let alone equipment. It can be installed at any flat surface, be it a sports club, school, camp site, shopping mall, office park, housing estate or, simply, at home.

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